Monday, January 23, 2012

Smooth Morning

After challenging workouts this weekend (3.5 mile run and 2 advanced yoga classes) I woke up starving!
A smoothie totally hit the spot.  It has frozen mixed berries (Trader Joe's) with soy milk and a touch of soy protein powder.  So bright and cheery on this dreary day.  Now that I have extra time on my hands I have officially become a gym rat.  The reception guy knows my name now.   The extravert in me loves this because it gives me more human contact.  The introvert and paranoid private gal screams NOOOOOOO!

I'm cooking dinner for Hubs tonight and it can't be my default Tilapia and asparagus.  I've been fully notified that Tilapia every night is unacceptable.   Off to research how to cook Halibut...

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