Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Crazy Chicks

The exterminator is coming this morning so I'm comin at ya live from Starbucks.

 The Stroller Brigade has been and gone and now I'm left with the retired and the students. Last night I made it to the gym for a 5 mile treadmill run! Then did the Hubs arm workout of chest and triceps followed by abs. FUPA and batwings be gone! Then I made us dinner. Turkey burger for him and veggie burger for me with baked crinkle cut fries and a salad.

We both slopped our food down while watching the crazy chicks on the bachelor. This is by far the best batch of crazy ones. We had a blast. Here's a snippet of convo from during the show.

Hubs: he loves to sucky face with these chicks
Me: you would too if you were him
Hubs: yes but they would also have to touch my privates
Me: only seems fair

Followed by a lengthy laughing fit. So far this art director has been having a good go at the healthy part. Now I just need to pick up the art director part.

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