Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Fixings

Since I have the free time and I love him dearly I drove the Hubs to the ferry this morning.  He was oh so lovely.  His breath was about a hundred proof and all I could hear were mumblings and groanings about the sad condition of his body and head.  Somehow it made me want to be the opposite and be happy and healthy today.  So that's what I did.   Today is my day off from the gym so I can rest the bat wings from flapping around.  But I did good food wise.  I had peanut butter (organic and natural cause I'm a snob like that) on a flax and wheat sandwich thin along with an apple for breakfast.  Then I had some of the Hubs colorful leftover salad for lunch.  Yum.

Then while I caught up on the nonsense that is The Young and the Restless I snacked on a veggie dog.  The organic ketchup I dipped it in came flowing from my nose when Victor came home from jail and face raped Nikki.  Great way to end the week Vic!

After that I got my brother's invitations to the printer.  It got me so excited I went back and visited my own invitations.  I miss my wedding!!!

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