Thursday, February 16, 2012

Feelin Ill

This past week has been tough as I'm fighting a frigging serious stomach bug.  Healthy Art Director has not been so healthy.

Lots of time on the couch watching HGTV has given me plenty of time to really think about my job game plan.  I'm starting to think seriously about starting my own business!  I just have to work on those pesky finances.  Definitely not the fun part.

While my FUPA and batwings were expanding during my week of uselessness, the Hubs was still the sweetest man alive and had these gorgeous little goodies delivered.

Even with a stomach bug the Pot of Gold calls to me.  Damn.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

English Cheddar

I headed into the city this morning to grab coffee with a head hunter.  It was a great meeting so hopefully something great comes of it, fingers crossed!  On my way home I was starving for lunch and hit up my favorite lunch place, Devon and Blakely.  I haven't had D&B in a long time and I really missed it.  My favorite thing there is the Avocado and English Cheddar sandwich.

I brought that bad boy home and promptly dug in while watching The Amandas.  Totally hit the frigging spot.  I'm also so obsessed with The Amandas right now I can't even go into it.  It sucks balls that I can't spend money because all I want to do is buy little units to organize the piss out of every inch of this apartment.  Even Hubs' underwear drawer.

The Last Dinner

Saturday night was a great dinner at Dino and Harry's here in Hoboken with a great group of friends.  It was our last dinner with the Milmans as a couple before the baby arrives and some people at the dinner were also hoping it was their last dinner with The Fish.

Most of the group eats large quantities of meat regularly so everyone got a giant steak except moi.  I had the french onion soup and a salad.  The french onion soup and D&H is delicious, I wouldn't trade it for a steak for a million dollars.  I take that back.  If anyone wants to offer me a million dollars to eat a steak I would do it in a heartbeat.

Donny D's Steak

Friday, February 3, 2012

Where The Magic Happens

Working from home is definitely interesting.  My commute is amazing, I have HGTV on low volume in the background all frigging day, and I've made up close to a bazillion stories about the lives of the bus drivers.  Making up life stories is so much fun.
*Note my camera sucks, need new one asap
  The minute I hear the joy inducing shriek of the "beeps" while the bus pulls up 3 inches outside my window,  I do cartwheels around the living room and imagine the exciting life and times of Brenda the Bus Driver.   Today I've decided that she moonlights as an audio book voice coach.  At 3:12pm she promptly backs the bus in for what seems like 5 hours, shuts off the engine and bolts.  Brenda needs to get to the recording studio in Port Jervis, NY by 6pm but she also needs to stop off at home and feed her 5 guinea pigs before hitting the road.  She also wishes she could own a sloth as a pet but knows that an apartment in Union City, NJ is no place for such an animal.  Plus he might upset the guinea pigs.

Anyway this is the lovely little corner that I spend most of my time in.  I absolutely love the desk.  We got it as a wedding shower gift last summer.  I don't love the decor around it but that's a work in progress.  Yay, more chatchkis and crap to bring into the house!

I'll need to post some pics with better lighting.  I promise it looks much brighter in real life.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Talking the Talk

Yesterday was BUSY BUSY.  Lots of phone calls from recruiters and old colleagues put my phone bill up but it will be totally worth it!  I'm off to meet a career counselor (friend of my moms) and also to help my mom pack up her apartment.  Since lately I have been rocking my yoga pants morning, noon and night it just gives me another excuse to continue wearing them.  Ha!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pink and Grey

I woke up super sore from Wayne's ass kicking last night at TBC (total body conditioning) but so excited about the weather today!  It's warmer than a witches titty out there.  Perfect running weather.  So I hit the pavement on two fluffy little clouds called "my brand new sneakers".  Asics of course.  ALWAYS Asics.
I'm a total brand whore when it comes to my workout gear.  I learned from an old friend and marathon runner that Asics are the best, and she was oh so right.   I even (usually) love their ad campaigns.  I also wore these amazing running gloves that I got from Santa for christmas.  They are pink and grey too!

Let it be known I am only speaking about brand preference for myself here.   Everyone has different needs.  Take Izzy (formerly known as Hubs) for example.  He is a Nike whore.  He has amazingly strong and sexy tree trunk legs that can't be weighted down by heavy sneaks.  Izzy needs those feather light Nikes and I fully support that.  I don't want anything to happen to those amazing legs of his.  They are the second reason that I married him.  The first (obviously) being his money.

And for only get one photo from AC so enjoy it.  You'd better be a follower after this.

Caption: Among other things Brad enjoys cake.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Ode To The Woman On My Fridge

There is a woman taking over my fridge.  She's gorgeous and funny and has great taste in paper products.
Her name is Elise.  I currently have 5 items on my fridge for her.  Four of them are for her upcoming wedding and a postcard she designed herself as a holiday card for her future husband's business.
They are all gorgeous!

Shout out to the amazing groom...Donny D!