Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pink and Grey

I woke up super sore from Wayne's ass kicking last night at TBC (total body conditioning) but so excited about the weather today!  It's warmer than a witches titty out there.  Perfect running weather.  So I hit the pavement on two fluffy little clouds called "my brand new sneakers".  Asics of course.  ALWAYS Asics.
I'm a total brand whore when it comes to my workout gear.  I learned from an old friend and marathon runner that Asics are the best, and she was oh so right.   I even (usually) love their ad campaigns.  I also wore these amazing running gloves that I got from Santa for christmas.  They are pink and grey too!

Let it be known I am only speaking about brand preference for myself here.   Everyone has different needs.  Take Izzy (formerly known as Hubs) for example.  He is a Nike whore.  He has amazingly strong and sexy tree trunk legs that can't be weighted down by heavy sneaks.  Izzy needs those feather light Nikes and I fully support that.  I don't want anything to happen to those amazing legs of his.  They are the second reason that I married him.  The first (obviously) being his money.

And for PMils...you only get one photo from AC so enjoy it.  You'd better be a follower after this.

Caption: Among other things Brad enjoys cake.

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