Friday, February 3, 2012

Where The Magic Happens

Working from home is definitely interesting.  My commute is amazing, I have HGTV on low volume in the background all frigging day, and I've made up close to a bazillion stories about the lives of the bus drivers.  Making up life stories is so much fun.
*Note my camera sucks, need new one asap
  The minute I hear the joy inducing shriek of the "beeps" while the bus pulls up 3 inches outside my window,  I do cartwheels around the living room and imagine the exciting life and times of Brenda the Bus Driver.   Today I've decided that she moonlights as an audio book voice coach.  At 3:12pm she promptly backs the bus in for what seems like 5 hours, shuts off the engine and bolts.  Brenda needs to get to the recording studio in Port Jervis, NY by 6pm but she also needs to stop off at home and feed her 5 guinea pigs before hitting the road.  She also wishes she could own a sloth as a pet but knows that an apartment in Union City, NJ is no place for such an animal.  Plus he might upset the guinea pigs.

Anyway this is the lovely little corner that I spend most of my time in.  I absolutely love the desk.  We got it as a wedding shower gift last summer.  I don't love the decor around it but that's a work in progress.  Yay, more chatchkis and crap to bring into the house!

I'll need to post some pics with better lighting.  I promise it looks much brighter in real life.

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