Tuesday, February 7, 2012

English Cheddar

I headed into the city this morning to grab coffee with a head hunter.  It was a great meeting so hopefully something great comes of it, fingers crossed!  On my way home I was starving for lunch and hit up my favorite lunch place, Devon and Blakely.  I haven't had D&B in a long time and I really missed it.  My favorite thing there is the Avocado and English Cheddar sandwich.

I brought that bad boy home and promptly dug in while watching The Amandas.  Totally hit the frigging spot.  I'm also so obsessed with The Amandas right now I can't even go into it.  It sucks balls that I can't spend money because all I want to do is buy little units to organize the piss out of every inch of this apartment.  Even Hubs' underwear drawer.

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